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   Communicating well is the essence of good writing, and good editing goes further to help you get your message across clearly, concisely, and effectively. At Cadence Editing and Communications, we assess and improve your writing to ensure that you are getting your message across in the best way possible. We edit your work for details such as grammar, spelling, punctuation, usage, consistency, and style. See below for a more detailed explanation of the editing and writing services we offer. 



Proofreading involves checking copy that has already been laid out for publishing to identify errors in areas such as typography, spelling, punctuation, and grammar.

Copy editing

Copy editing is editing for grammar, usage, style, punctuation, and consistency. Copy editing also ensures that there are no inconsistencies in your document and that your document conforms to the house style. 

Stylistic editing

Stylistic editing involves improving the clarity, flow, language, and readability of a document. 

Structural editing

Also called substantive editing, structural editing involves evaluating a manuscript as to its content and structure. Structural editing will identify redundancies and will reorganize material to improve a document's clarity and coherence. 

Writing services

We also offer the following writing services:

  • Newsletters
  • Grant applications
  • Educational materials
  • Website updates
  • Copy writing for brochures, marketing, fundraising, program notes, annual reports, etc. 


Rates vary according to the type of writing or editing that you require. Contact us today for a free estimate! Please include some background on your project and the type of editing you think you may need. 

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About Me


Alana Gralen, Writer and Editor

Alana Gralen holds a Bachelor of Music degree in violin performance from Northwestern University. After an active and successful career as a classical orchestral violinist, Alana returned to her first love of language and writing and earned an MA in Communications from the University of Calgary, with a concentration in organizational communication. Alana has also earned an Editing Certificate from Simon Fraser University.  

With her unique background, Alana is ideally suited to writing and editing for and about musical organizations and the arts. She has extensive experience writing, editing, and proofreading materials such as concert season brochures, concert house programs, fundraising materials, grant applications, and educational materials. She has been published in the International Journal of Arts Management and the Nonprofit Quarterly.  

Alana is a member of the Editors Association of Canada and lives in Ottawa, Ontario. In addition to her editing work, Alana is currently a first violinist with the Ottawa Symphony Orchestra, plays with the Lansdowne String Quartet, and teaches private violin lessons.   

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